Take the leap from startup to scale-up

When your start-up is on the verge of a growth spurt, it’s all about managing that momentum. Do you have what it takes?

Congratulations, you’ve found a business model and a market!

Now, it’s time to step it up a notch. Do you have the product, the technology and the organisation to grow and follow your ambitions? Are you ready to 10x your company?

Do the test!

We help you grow


Engineer high-grade scaling in customer acquisition, onboarding and servicing, for maximum market impact.


Enhance customer intimacy and retention to maximize your margins.

Tailored support

Practical advice, a strong methodology and tons of experience dedicated to your growth.

Strong network

Connect with peers and share what works and what scores.

How we work

We help you with practical tools, top notch expertise and a straightforward 3 step methodology

1. Intake

We determine the phase your startup is in and screen your product, technology, channels, pricing and your financial plan. We evaluate if your product is ready for takeoff, and which of your ambitious goals needs more work.

2. KPI workshop

Based on the intake meeting, we'll define tangible parameters and KPI's for your scaling plans. If it's too soon for tangible KPI's, we'll first help you with strategic advice or a market study. Later on you can continue this growing phase where you left it.

3. Execution of Your Scaling Plans

We help you execute on your scaling plans for a period of 6 months. During individual workshop we develop strategies and experiments to reach your KPI's. During monthly group workshops, experts of Sirris and Agoria will bring you up to speed with topics of your choice.

The Team

We're ready to help you take the leap from startup to scale-up!

Omar Mohout

Growth Engineer

+32 474 711 368


Carine Lucas

Expert Innovation

+32 485 46 32 35


Isabel Michiels

Expert Innovation

+32 473 66 67 75


Joke​ Dehond

Growth Engineer Consultant

+32 486 15 21 79


Nick Boucart

Senior Advisor Software Engineering & ICT

+32 498 91 93 40


Wim Codenie

Business Unit Manager ICT & Mechatronics

+32 498 91 94 53


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